300 Thread Count Sheets

Buying sheets is an investment that is expected to last many years. People have wondered what to buy in a sheet set and they try to figure out what is best in buying sheets. There has been so much talk about thread count that it can make your head spin. With thread count being one of the most important considerations in the purchase of sheets, the optimum quality starts at 250 and goes up from there.

Most 300 thread count sheet sets need to be a cotton sheet with single ply yarn woven into the square inch of material. The square inch of cotton with 300 thread count single ply yarn will have a soft feel and long lasting endurance with proper care.

Considerations for the 300 thread count sheet sets are:

1) They have a much better texture to that of a 180-thread count sheet.

2) The higher quality sheets have 300 or more thread count.

3) The single ply higher thread count sheet sets are more resistant to pilling.

4) Sheets with 300 or greater thread count are smooth, light-weight sheets.

Most sheet sets provide the fitted sheet with a 15 inch pocket that will fit up to a 17 inch mattress. Quality fitted sheets will have all around elastic. Sheet sets can be found in different weaves and patterns. 300 thread count sheets with a sateen weave in single ply cotton will add a touch silkiness to any bedroom. A jacquard weave with 300 thread count in single ply cotton will add a striped appearance helping change up a bedroom from plain sheets to a more sophisticated bedding ensemble. Sheets sets are often found to include pillowcases to be color coordinated with the sheets. Normally, a set will have 2 pillowcases for double, queen and above and twin will have one pillowcase.

Choosing the weave pattern and using 300 thread count sheet sets of 100% cotton single ply yarn will give the bedding for your home an extra elegant appearance and be a worthwhile addition to your sheet collection. It is possible to find elegance in a 300 thread count sheet that will make it appetizing to slip under the cool, crisp sheets and sleep the day's cares away.

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