400 Thread Count Sheets

Shopping for sheet sets can be a big challenge. Do you get a 180, 250, 300 or 400 thread count set? The dilemma can go on and on. Choosing the right thread count and the right sheet set can overwhelm the average shopper. For a supple, long lasting sheet that has a natural feel with cool, clean comfort choose a 400 thread count sheet. These sheets when they are single ply cotton weave can feel silky and smooth next to your skin. When they are 100% combed cotton that are machine washable and can be tumbled dry, they are the epitome of luxury without the high cost.

The fine yarn they use to make the 400 thread count makes it a lighter and more supple fabric. Yarn size in quality sheets runs between 40 and 100 and in fabric quality, the single ply yarns with a single pick will be the best weave available. Soft, silky and smooth material will change the way you look at sheets. 400 thread count sheets will bring you into a new world of sleeping experiences that compares to no other.

When considering sheet sets, the qualities to look for when buying 400 thread count sheet sets are:

  • Fiber Quality: 100% cotton sheets are the type of sheets most often purchased.
  • Yarn Size: The fineness of each yarn is the key and a higher yarn size means finer yarn. 400 thread count sheets typically use a yarn between 40 and 100.
  • Finishing: This process is used after the cotton yarns become the woven fabric. The fabric is finished by applying specific techniques to the fabric to increase strength, luster, and affinity for the dye. These processes will give the sheets a sheen and smoothness not found in lower quality bedding.

Popular colors for 400 thread count sheet sets are available in blue, sage, taupe, ivory, white, chocolate and many other colors. Buying 400 thread count sheets will increase the joy and feel of 100% cotton against your skin. Experience blissful slumber when you curl up with a set of supremely soft 400 thread count sheets. Try a set today and find out the luxury of having high quality bedding.

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