600 Thread Count Sheets

To find the lushness you desire in a sheet set look at 600 thread count sheet sets as the most exquisite sensation found in a sheet set. The sheet feels like silk but has the wear and durability of 100% cotton. Wrap yourself in the lap of luxury with a sheet set of single ply 100% cotton woven with fine thread into a fabric with 600 threads per square inch. The fine thread gives the sheet the silken feel but breathes because it is cotton. The super soft fabric will raise your sleeping experience to that of a 5 star hotel but you will be in your own home.

In order to produce a 600 thread count sheets set the finer threads must be used. These finer threads create a more delicate fabric. Be aware that just because the label says 600 thread count the label should also have the ply listed. Ply indicates how many threads are wrapped into the fiber. If the ply is anything but single ply 100% cotton then the sheet set was made with 2 ply or more meaning two or more lower quality threads woven together by twisting the yarn together. The manufacturer can then use only a 300 thread count per square inch weave. This makes the material stiffer and less silky but the manufacturer could say it was 600 because the two threads twisted together doubled the count per square inch.

To get the silkier feel, the ply must be a single ply made with long staple cotton fibers for superior levels of quality, durability, and softness and 600 thread count will be exactly that, 600 single threads woven into a square inch of material. The final touch to make the sheets the softest and most luxurious is the finishing of the material. The processes used to finish the fabric make the sheen and softness superior to lower thread count sheet sets.

The 600 thread count sheet set can be purchased in Dobby Dots weave pattern or Luxury or Sateen weave. Each weave has its own unique style and all are comfortable and easy to care for. Various colors and patterns can set the room off in a style that sets the tone of the room to have class and a flair of elegance.

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