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The bed sheets you put on your bed should have a cool, soft feel, be durable and be able to handle being washed and come out looking fresh and soft again. Not many materials can promise that but bed sheets of cotton can. When you consider how versatile cotton is you realize that cotton is the sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting fresh material that your mother always used on your bed.

To climb into that bed and smell the fresh smell, feel the soft fabric pressed against you is heavenly. Cotton bed sheets have come a long way from the course, stiff substance that grandmother had on her bed. Now you can get different weaves, fibers, finish, thread count and dye that make the cotton sheet much softer and more welcoming than they were when mother and grandmother bought their sheets.

Several types can be found now from traditional cotton bed sheets with standard cotton thread and standard cotton thread count (120 Ė 180 per inch) to Egyptian or Pima or SuPima cotton with long cotton thread and high thread count for a softer feel and silkier appearance.

Checking the weave of the fabric can also tell you something about the sheet you are buying. The vertical to horizontal weave of plain weave is a 1 to 1 ratio and the higher vertical to a lower horizontal weave makes the material feel softer. Be cautious buying high vertical and low horizontal weaves as these are known to tear more easily than the plain weave.

When choosing a sheet set, there are some features that you need to take into consideration.

  • Look at the thread count, above 180 threads per inch will give you a softer feel and still be durable.
  • 100% cotton will be cooler and more comfortable as cotton pulls the moisture off your body so you donít wake up with that clammy feel to your skin.
  • Blends like cotton-polyester are more wrinkle resistant.
  • Colors or plain, flowers or plaids and stripes are the most common sheet sets available
  • Many sets not made from cotton have a smooth feel. Unfortunately they can be slippery and extremely hot in the summer. Cotton keeps you cool and you feel more refreshed when you get up.

The high thread count is not the only means to tell how soft and smooth the sheet set will be. The combination of thread count and weave will be the best indicator of what set you should buy for your needs. Bed sheets come in variety of colors and sizes. Get a set today.

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