Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom decoration can be a simple change to a different color scheme using different bed sheets with vibrant color all the way to opening up the room to new highlights and colors from windows that add depth and width to the room. Whether the bedroom you want to redecorate is large or small, you can redecorate the room giving it a welcoming atmosphere and enhancing features that will make the room standout as a place to “come home to.” Your ultimate decorating choices reflect your personality and your uniqueness and style.

Assess the room features. Lighting, windows, floors, closets and doorways. If the room is bathed in light, consider window treatments to enhance the natural color that flows into the room. If is is lacking in natural light, consider using a warmer bedding scheme to accentuate the room without emphasizing the lack of natural color. Vibrantly colored comforters and bed sheets will provide a colorful addition to a dark room and enhancing the bedroom decoration. Light colors in bedding in a room full of light will hold the brilliance of the light outside even after the sun has set.

If the room is small or angled, make the room feel open and spacious with properly placed mirrors on closet doors to double the feel of the room giving it a bigger appearance. Smaller patterned sheets or striped bed sheets will help make the room feel larger. Bedroom decoration is essential in a small room to keep it warm and cozy without making it seem small. To make the room seem larger, you can have a hardwood floor without a rug under the bed which will add spaciousness to the small space without compromising area.

Adding tables and chairs to a large room will give it a more cozy feel and lend the feeling of a work area along with a sleeping area. Creating a cozy work area and a sleep area will make the large room feel more welcoming and provide a place for relaxing or entertaining without centering on the bed as the focus of the room.

Remember bedroom decoration is a reflection of you and will set the stage for your retreat away from the world giving you a cozy, welcoming place to revitalize and recharge.

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