Blue Bedding

Using the color blue to accentuate the room or painting the room blue is always a good choice. Blue is a clean crisp color that can be used in a variety of ways. If painting the room blue, use a lighter shade of blue for a small room to make the room seem larger. When using dark blue on the walls balance it with white accents in curtains, throws, rugs, accent pillows and lamp shades. Allow blue bedding to bring the color scheme of the room from wakefulness to slumber using soothing shades of blue. Accent the room with blue bedding, white curtains, bluish green rugs and a white and blue comforter.

There are many shades of blue to consider when choosing bedroom decoration. You could use cerulean, azure, cobalt, navy, sky blue and many more to pull the bedroom decoration into a scene of serenity and comfort. The blue bedding in the bedroom will bring lighter and darker blue color shades into the room making the focus on the bed and not the walls using the blue walls to emphasize the soothing blues of the bedding.

Shades of blue on the walls will help vary the color scheme or accents of white and blue can make the room more appealing. Blue bedding in stripes, jacquard or PIMA cotton will showcase the blue of the room combined with dashes of white in the ceiling, window trim and bedroom decoration. The bedding colors can be various shades of blue to bring focus away from the walls by having darker or lighter shades of blue in the sheets and pillowcases.

If the decorating style leans toward murals on the walls, paint the mural on a prominent wall or around the room featuring blues in an underwater seascape with fish, whales and coral or a sky scene with birds in a cloud dotted blue sky. Blue sheets and pillowcases will give credence to the room and bring that feeling of sea and sky home to the sleeper while providing comfort and a crisp, fresh feel while slumbering in the bed.

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