Brown Bedding

Create a restful, warm retreat to go to when the hectic day has been too much or just a place to go and relax to read a book or watch a little TV. Using a blue and brown color scheme for the bedroom will put all the troubles behind and help you prepare to the coming day. Redecorating the bedroom can be as easy as new bedding and accents that can be inexpensive and bring out an new look to the room. Using brown sheet sets with dark blue pillow accents can provide just the relaxing feeling in a room that you are looking for.

Before casting aside the idea of a dark and dreary room decorated in brown, think again. There are many shades of brown that are now more appealing then ever. Chocolate, taupe and brown when combined with aqua blue or beige can set the room tone to be eye-catching and beautiful.

Chocolate bedding can be soft and luxurious with a silken feel when you buy sheets that have 250 thread count or more. Brown duvets and bedding can provide a scene of warmth when combined with dark blue accent pillows and blue window coverings. Brown bedding has come a long way from the dull, unappealing coverings of the past. Chocolates and browns are now sophisticated, romantic and calming.

Use the relaxing tones of chocolate bedding or brown bedding to have a tone-on-tone effect. Jacquard sheets, cotton quilts and coverlets with matching pillowcases will heighten the room's comfort and provide a sense of warmth and coziness. Accenting the room with blue throws and window coverings will make the room welcoming and invite relaxation.

When decorating a bedroom in light aqua blue and brown, find various sizes and shapes of throw pillows that match the brown bedding or chocolate bedding to add texture to the room. Finding throw pillows in various styles and sizes in chocolate or blue will make the bed the extraordinary centerpiece you want. The bed will invite anyone who steps into the room to slip under the silken covers and sleep their troubles away.

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