Deep Pocket Sheet Guide

The sheets you put on your new bed don't fit. The corner of the fitted sheet doesn't go all the way under the mattress or it is a really snug fit. The sheets did not shrink or have any problem. The pocket on the mattress is a deep pocket so you need a deep pocket sheet. Most fitted sheets fit beds from 1 to 14 inches in depth. Many mattresses today are much thicker than 14 inches which requires a deep pocket fitted sheet not the standard fitted sheet.

Manufacturers have compensated for this by making deep pocket sheets to fit the larger mattress sizes. Deep pocket sheets are designed to fit beds between 15 and 22 inches in depth. To find out if you have a deep pocket requirement just measure the mattress with a tape measure. Place the end of the measure at the bottom of the mattress just where the mattress sits on the box spring and pull the tape to the top of the mattress noting the exact inches the mattress is from the box spring to the top. This is call the pocket.

Deep pocket sheets can be found in most colors and styles as any other sheets but the pocket size is deeper that a standard sheet. A deep pocket sheet will fit nicely over the corners and hug the mattress without being stretched beyond the fabric. Queen and king size mattresses are most commonly deep pocket but some doubles and twins can be found with the extra thickness that makes deep pocket.

A deep pocket sheet set will be marked deep pocket on the packaging to inform the shopper of the type of sheets they are buying. In most cases, if the pocket is not emphasized or does not have deep pocket listed it will not be a deep pocket sheet. Look at the pocket size to be sure of the pocket depth of the fitted sheet to ensure you are getting a pocket that will extend around the corner of the mattress and fit under it. For deep pocket sheets. the pocket measure should be more than the corner of the mattress in inches at least 17 to 24 inches in depth.

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