Dobby Dot and Damask Stripe Sheets

You can get luxury and elegance in a sheet set. If you are looking to climb into bed with a set of sheets that are made with a dot or geometric design, Dobby dot sheets are the sheets to have. If you are looking for a tone-on-tone woven stripe then you want a Damask sheet. Both types of sheets will enhance the beauty of the room and provide quality sheets with durability and style.

Woven with a dobby loom the Dobby dots are designed with dots that are actually woven into the fabric. A special loom is used to create these fantastic designs. The sheets are made from ultra-fine premium 100% cotton yarns to give you the feel of extravagance and softness right in your home. Top hotels carry these sheets and now you can sleep in 5-star elegance in your own bed. The Dobby dots provide a soft lustrous texture and pattern which is a nice alternative to established solid color sheets. The woven dobby dots design is much better than the printed on designs used to simulate the dobby weave since the design can be seen on either side of the sheet making the colors stand up to washing and still retain their look and style. The subtle dot pattern can change the room by adding a splash of color and quality for a quick, room makeover.

If you are looking for stripes, the Damask stripe sheets are the answer. These woven stripes are superior to sheets woven with the same color thread then stripes are printed onto the material making them stiffer than the woven sheets. These sheets are a satiny stripe next to a matted stripe. Beauty and versatility are the standard for Damask sheets. Created with single ply 100% cotton yarn the Damask sheet provides softness and a smooth, clean drape with unique strength for long wear and durability. If woven with a sateen finish, the sheet will be soft to the touch, smooth and elegant. Damask stripe sheets come in a variety of colors and can pamper you as you slip into the soft elegance.

Whether you prefer Damask sheets with a Damask stripe weave or sheets woven on a dobby loom, you are in for a treat when you get either or both these sheet sets. You can lavish in richness and style while sleeping in your own bed. Get a set or two today.

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