Duvet Sets Guide

Now the time has come to reach out to a new style of bedding. The new style bedding you decided on was a Duvet set. Duvet sets are unique in that the duvet is a comforter but unlike normal comforters you can remove the top cover and wash it without having to wash the inside stuffing. Originally, a duvet was made from the down of a goose but that has changed. Many different types of stuffing can be found from down, wool or cotton batting. There are numerous assorted stuffing to choose from but the main idea is to remove the outer cover, throw it in the wash the with bed sheet and have a clean crisp bed set to make up without having various comforters or blankets as well. One comforter with many covers is a bonus for anyone who wants style with economy. Duvet covers come in different styles and weaves such as jacquard weave and damask stripes and a variety of fasteners to keep the cover on the pillow like comforter inside. Ribbons that tie together to close the end, snaps and zippers can be found.

The next consideration to make is the thread count and color. Look for single ply 100% cotton for the best choices in durability and quality. Thread count for a duvet set is just as important as for a bed sheet. The higher the count of single ply yarn the softer more luxurious the duvet set will be. Duvet sets can be found in many thread counts and colors. The most popular colors are blue, brown, sage, ivory, white and taupe. A duvet set usually has the duvet, 2 pillow shams or pillowcases and a matching set of sheets.

Duvets come in the twin, double, queen and king sizes. There are some that are also over sized queen and king sets which have several inches added in the width and length to provide a nice overhang on the bed. Duvet sets are a way to add a touch of pizzazz to the bedroom. Matching bed sheet sets are nice but you can also add some flair by using a navy blue duvet with a lighter blue bed sheet or claret duvet with deep burgundy sheets.

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