Full Bedding

Finding just the right sheets for a full size or double bed can be frustrating. Every store has them. It is hard to know just which sheets to buy. One label says double and another label says full. They are the same size. Double is just another name for full. The full size bed is 54 X 75. The queen bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full size bed.

A full size sheet set can be purchased in various colors and styles. Stripes, plain, jacquard weave or sateen are just a few of the multitude of weave styles available to buy. The thread count is another factor that plays into the kind of sheets to purchase. Full size sheets should be as luxurious and rich as any other size sheets so get 300 or 400 thread count sheets for premium softness and long-lasting wear. Full size sheet sets can accentuate the room and bring out the flair in your decorating style and whether it is the master bedroom or a family member's room or a guest room, 300 or 400 count sheets will make the person curling up into the sheets feel like royalty.

Full bedding of natural enzyme washed quilts will help bring the rich softness of the fabric closer to the slumbering guest and retain the feel of luxury every time they slip into the bed. Natural enzyme washed material is processed by the manufacturer using no harsh chemicals. Instead they use organic and environmentally, non-harmful enzymes that are biodegradable and ecologically friendly. Natural enzyme washed full bedding is very green environmentally. Eco-friendly and soft is a bedding match that is too good to be passed up.

Fill the linen closet with full size sheet sets made of 100% cotton single ply fiber with 300 or 400 thread count per square inch. Mix and match the sheets and quilts with a variety of colors and styles. Add matching full bedding and the bed will always be a haven of rest and tranquil peace where anyone can climb into the soft, comfortable sheets and covers letting their troubles pass away as they close their eyes and dream.

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