High Thread Count Sheets Guide

High thread count sheets are a very important factor when buying sheets but not the only one that matters. The ply of the material is another part in making the correct decision on the sheet set you buy and what material the sheet is made from. We will review the thread count and ply to help you find the sheet that fits your need.

The ply of the sheet is the yarn classification. A single ply yarn is a single fine thread which is made from a long cotton thread. Egyptian cotton is the softest thread we have followed by Pima and SuPima. There are also 2, 3 and 4 ply sheets as well.

Thread count is determined by how many threads are woven into a square inch. If you are looking for a lightweight sheet that feels soft you want to focus your search on single-ply that are woven as 300 thread count or 400 thread count sheets. A 450 thread count will offer comfort and softness with a satiny look to the sheet. A 500 thread count is at the higher end of the cotton sheets and can look and feel like satin. When you get the 600 thread count sheet, you have reached the epitome of cotton sheets and they will feel luxurious to the touch and natural next to your body.

The new rage for sheets is becoming microfiber sheets. This is an extremely fine synthetic fiber that is often woven in the material making it seem softer and more compliant but a real drawback to these sheets is that they donít feel natural next to your skin and are often quite hot. Purchasing 100% cotton sheets will give you that natural feel with cool comfort and be easy to clean.

So purchase a 300 thread count for a light, airy covering. Get a 400 thread count to add extra strength and durability. Buy a 450 thread count for a softer, silkier feel. Touching a 500 thread count may keep you from ever going back to lower thread count. You will find that the 600 thread count sheet is the softest, smoothest sheet you will ever own. Find your favorite high thread count sheets here and sleep in soft, cool comfort all night.

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