Ivory Bedding

Stepping into a pink, blue or green painted room causes concern about what bedding to use to make the room more pleasing. Repainting is not an option so redecorate using more neutral colors in bedding, window trim and accessories. Cream bed sheets can tone down any room bringing a neutral base to the bedroom that will focus the occupant on a softer more calming sensation. Dashes of ivory or cream can turn a bright room into a easier more sedate setting to walk into.

The bedding best suited for painted walls is usually a cream or ivory bedding set. Accessories such as throw pillows and area rugs can bring focus and clarity into the room. Don't compete with the wall colors in trying to out shine the walls. Pick mellow colors for bedding that will make the room more pleasing. When decorating for a teen, remember that favorite styles and fads will fade within in the time it took to decorate. Ivory bed sheets or cream bed sheets can offset any color scheme in the room making a restful place to relax after a challenging day.

Accents of color can be added but it is also soothing to add a touch or ivory or cream in a lamp base and shade as well as window coverings. A color-based blanket can be a great match to ivory bed sheets. Ivory bedding added to jacquard weave sheets and damask striped sheets of chocolate or navy blue can highlight the room decorations without being strong or threatening.

Cream bed sheets are a great addition to make the room feel warm and cozy. Ivory bed sheets can make the room cool in the summer letting the natural light brighten the room. Combining burgundy or chocolate bed sheets with ivory bedding will give the room a welcoming touch to invite the sleeper to slip beneath the crisp sheets and slumber peacefully until morning. Soft ivory and warming cream colors will take away the strains of the day allowing the bed to cradle the sleeper in comfort and bliss.

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