Jacquard Sheets

Many styles of weave can be overwhelming when shopping for sheets. Standard weave which is a smooth style that lends itself to any situation is preferred by most shoppers. There are many weave styles that can heighten the slumber experience and still be a good investment. Jacquard sheets are one of the most popular weaves to purchase when looking for style, elegance and luxury.

A jacquard weave is an intricate pattern using a special loom with either a single color or multiple threads of different colors. Damasks, tapestries, and brocades are all jacquard weaves. The jacquard weave structure creates a variety of patterns, such as damask, floral and geometric. Jacquard weave is the only type of weave that can create intricate woven patterns in the material using a single thread color but the sateen and matte design make it look like different type threads were used. Jacquard weave looms have been used to create some of the most beautiful woven designs in bedding found today.

To add an air of elegance and sophistication to your room's decor, jacquard sheets will set the mode and present an elegant pattern along with contemporary style. The intricately woven patterns will delight the eye and the high thread count will pleasure the sleeper with that touch of elegance. The phenomenal silkiness, sheen and durability of the fabric will provide years of pleasure and remain in fashion without losing its quality. Jacquard sheets are detailed to catch the eye, delicate in weave and will serve as an updated basic style that will never loose its appeal.

You can sink into comfort with a cozy cotton sheet set. The clean, simple design can be used for optimal versatility and appearance. The 100% cotton sheets with a thread count of 300 or more can provide the feeling of sleeping in an airy, cool bed in the summer and retain heat in the winter to provide the needed warmth on those cold nights. The weave in the jacquard sheets will not only be a covering for the bed but a stylish, modern woven pattern to move the room into a classic, formal style that will pleasure the sleeper all night long.

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