King Bedding

Having a king size bed is wonderful. The roominess, space and comfort don't compare to any other bed. The dilemma comes in when you are trying to buy king size sheet sets. What size king bedding do you buy? What size king bed do you have? Standard, California or Split King are all king size beds. If you aren't sure. follow the quick measuring guide below to determine which size king bed you have.

  • 1) Get a measuring tape and place the end of the tape at the head of the mattress. If you have help ask them to hold the end in place otherwise take a telephone book or other large item and hold the end down with that. Pull the tape to the foot of the mattress and write down the measurement. This will be called the length of the bed. For a standard king sized bed, the average is approximately 80 inches long. For a California king, it's 84 inches long. For a split king, it's 80 inches long. Be sure to check the label to get the correct king size sheet set for your bed.
  • 2) Perform the same action for the width, measuring from one side of the mattress to the other. Convert to inches if needed. For a standard king sized bed, the average is 76 inches wide. For a California king, it's 72 inches wide. For a split king, it's 38 to 39 inches wide for each mattress. King bedding needs to be correct for the type of king you have.
  • 3) Pick one of the four corners of the bed and place the end of your measuring tape at the bottom of the corner. Pull the tape to the top of the corner. This will give you the pocket depth which is how deep the corner of the bed is. The sheet pocket will need to be longer than this measurement to be able to slip all the way under the bed. Standard pocket sizes range between 10 to 17 inches. Anything larger than 17 inches should be considered a deep pocket.

King bedding and king size sheet sets are fitted to the type of king bed you have. The investment in the right king bedding and king size sheets will be a long-lasting venture so buy the right ones for your bed.

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