Pima Cotton

There are many types of cotton sheets. Average cotton sheets are the main focus of most manufacturers and are used mainly in 180 to 250 thread count sheets. There are some more specialized cottons and one of the most popular types of specialized cotton used in sheets up to 650 thread count is Pima cotton. The reference to these special cotton fibers can be found easily on the label. PIMA will be the primary name on the label as manufacturers are proud to list this special cotton.

Pima cotton is a hybrid cotton that comes from genetically combining certain standard cotton qualities to high thread count cotton seed making a brand new cotton seed. The cotton seed is called Pima and it produces an extra long staple. The extra long staple is what makes it possible to produce a high thread count sheet with a single ply thread. The extra long staple provides the superior softness of a cotton sheet making it rival any other long staple cotton in quality and durability. Pima is raised primarily in the southwestern United States and other countries like Peru and Australia are beginning to produce Pima also. When woven into a 630 square inch of material, the result is a dense, soft fabric that has a natural feel but is cool and comfortable next to the skin.

Pima sheets can have a longevity that is 50% longer than the standard cotton sheets with the proper care. Pima cotton sheets are considered one of the superior blends of cotton, extremely durable and absorbent. The sheets made from this cotton fiber come in various styles and patterns. When woven into a striped weave pattern, it will look soft and luxurious but present an air of sophistication. These cotton sheets can be found in many colors such as blue, chocolate, ivory, gold and white.

Purchasing Pima cotton sheets will help you retain a long lasting sheet set and provide superior comfort for your slumber. Slipping into a bed made with Pima sheets with their ultra soft richness will surround you with visions of being in a cocoon of softness carried away on a cloud of dreams filling your night with heavenly visions of delight.

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