Sheets Care Guide

You’ve purchased sheet sets, slept on them and now it is time to clean them. Nothing smells better than the tantalizing fragrance of freshly washed sheet sets. Snuggling into bed with that fresh, clean set of cotton sheets will sent you to dreamland quickly. The care of the cotton sheets is the next important step in preserving that fresh smell and natural feel. How you handle your sheets care will preserve and lengthen the duration and quality of the sheet sets. Sheets care is very easy and can be done with a washing machine and dryer.

The steps below are for the sheets care:

  • Sheet sets are machine washable
  • Choose the gent cycle and use like colors in the wash
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Tumble Dry on low heat
  • Remove immediately from the dryer to avoid wrinkles
  • Where necessary, a warm iron will remove most wrinkles

The steps for making the bed with cotton sheets:

1) If you have a mattress pad, put it on before the sheet to help protect the mattress from stains and dirt. When you have it on the bed, use your hands spread out pressing the mattress pad in a semi circular motion outward from the middle to take out wrinkles and prepare the pad for the sheet.

2) The bottom sheet is the sheet with the sewn corners or pockets with elastic along the bottom to help keep the sheet neatly tucked under the bed. Flick the sheet to spread it out over the mattress, pull the sheet corner over then under the corner. The elastic on the bottom will pull the sheet tight. Do all the other corners of the bed and smooth any wrinkles that may still be present.

3) Flick the top sheet, it is the sheet without pockets or corners sewn together, put the large hem at the top of the bed and tuck the small hemmed side into the bottom of the bed under the mattress. Pull the sheet tight at the top and remove any wrinkles by the outward motion of your spread fingers toward the sides of the bed.

4) To make a hospital corner, go to the bottom of the bed corner and hold the edge up. Tuck under the mattress the piece hanging down at the corner then tuck in the edge you were just holding. Follow the instructions above for the opposite side at the bottom.

5) Add a blanket and comforter, you can either tuck in the blanket or leave it hanging loose.

6) Put fresh pillow cases on the pillows and you are finished.

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