Twin Bedding

Whether you are buying twin bedding for a boy's race car bed or a girl's canopy bed, the twin size sheet is an important investment. You want something that will still retain it's new look even after one or two washings and bedding that will compliment the room decor without taking over.

Solid twin size sheet sets will bring comfort and warm to the room without overpowering the room's individual style. Solid twin bedding in a variety of colors will enhance any room accenting the hidden charms and pinpoint those accents without overwhelming the room fashion.

Using twin bedding like soft cotton quilts in solid colors with matching twin size sheet sets will heighten the room's motif. The child or teen will be delighted to sleep in 300 thread count sheet single ply 100% cotton sheets of burgundy or navy blue or sateen sheets of blue, taupe, white and chocolate. With matching cotton quilts or quilts that are shades lighter or darker than the sheet will make a homey, comfortably stylish room that any child or teen will love.

Choose natural enzyme washed quilts for a luxuriously soft feel. A twin bedding set will include one pillow sham and combined with a twin size sheet set with one pillowcase the bed can be a pillow haven along with a few added throw pillows. This bed will be a place for relaxation and it will promote cozy, deep slumber.

Natural enzyme washing has the advantage of being environmentally friendly because the substances are organic and are wonderful for creating fabric that is softer. These washing techniques were originally used on jeans to make them look used which replaced the stone washed as it was less environmentally friendly. Now linen manufacturers are using this process to soften and enhance the quality of the linen. Natural enzyme washed quilts bring with them super softness and style matching the softness of 300 thread count sheets.

Matching the room decor with bedding or sheet sets that set the mode and style of the room are essential to having a happy, satisfied child that is eager to slip under the covers and enter the realm of dreams where conquering the bad guy or soaring on the wings of eagles exists.

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