So your son or daughter has just announced they have been accepted to the college of their dreams. How exciting and thrilling it is that they will be sleeping in a dorm and living away from home. The thrills turns into chills as the thoughts of packing them up and sending them off to parts unknown sets in. The information says that the dorm rooms have twin-xl beds or extra long twin beds. What are twin-xl beds?

A twin-xl size bed is an extra long twin bed that is 39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm) where a standard twin is 39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm). Standard twin size sheet sets will not be long enough to compensate for the extra 5 inches on the twin-xl bed. Most twin bedding such as quilts and pillow shams will fit the extra long twin without a issue.

Looking at the label while shopping for twin-xl sheets will help prevent you from purchasing the wrong size sheets. Look for XL on the twin label or it may even have extra long as part of the description. If you are still not sure check the size and make sure the length is 80 inches. The standard twin size sheet of 75 inches will not stretch out to the 80 inches you need for the extra long twin sheet.

Twin bedding particularly quilts on the other hand will accommodate as the quilt is normally 86 inches long which will cover the twin-xl bed. Buying twin size sheet sets for a twin-xl can also be daunting as you have so many to choose from. Buying higher quality sheets such as 300 thread count sheets will reduce the amount of times you will have to replace torn and frayed sheets because the sheets are constructed with quality fabric and quality workmanship.

Buying natural enzyme washed twin bedding will help your college student be proud to show off her room since even the bedding was created in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The sheets and bedding come in many colors and styles to keep up with today's college fashions.

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