White Bedding

There was a time when mothers and grandmothers alike wouldn't have been caught dead with anything but white bed sheets in their linen closet. Times changed and colors replaced the white bed sheets. Now white is making a come back but with some changes in style and texture that wow even the most skeptical. Now rooms are painted in various colors or even murals and the bedroom can take on a life of its own. Splashes of white can now be found pulling the focus of the room off the walls and onto the bed. Whether decorating a child's room or master bedroom and any other bedroom, white sheets and white bedding can make the room a wonderful haven to return to after a busy day. Adding splashes of color with a variety of throw pillows will showcase the bed and peal away the stigma of stark white and make the room warm and welcoming.

There are many combinations that can be used to decorate with white. Using white bedding with a solid color cotton sheet can make a daring and stylish bed setting. A set of white bed sheets with a black comforter or duvet can be sophisticated bringing a touch of the contemporary into the room. The days of stark white walls are gone and now white bedding in a blue room can make the occupant feel as though they are floating on a cloud in a clear, blue sky.

The options are unlimited when shopping for bedding. White sheet sets can be found in many shopping areas but try the higher thread count sheets to make the sleeping experience heavenly. Soft, pliable, cool 100% cotton single ply sheets will give the feeling that there is only silk between the sleeper and the air outside. Unlike the cloying heat of silk on a hot day, clean, white sheets can cool the body and offer the breathing room the body needs to feel cooler. Buy some white sheets and white bedding to class up your room and see how luxurious you feel when you slip into those crisp, white sheets.

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